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Key Documents

CAMFED's Coronavirus Action Brief

COVID-19 Action Brief 2020

(PDF 2 MB)

CAMFED Annual Review - 2020

(PDF 9 MB)

CAMA (CAMFED Association) Governance Report

This report, released in early 2019, is authored by Diana Good, Specialist Adviser to the International Development Committee of the UK Parliament, and former Commissioner of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact. Diana is also one of the original authors of the seminal report on CAMFED’s governance model, ‘Accounting to the Girl,' published in 2010 by Linklaters. In Diana’s words, “This powerful movement of young women [CAMA] is a passionate, innovative, challenging and unstoppable force. They, who were the most disadvantaged, are now the leaders of change.”

CAMA: A powerful new force for development – How a pan-African movement of young women leaders is unleashing the extraordinary potential of girls’ education (PDF 1 MB)

When you Educate a Girl, Everything Changes

On August 6, 2014, at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit hosted by the White House, the George W. Bush Institute and the U.S. State Department, CAMFED and The Mastercard Foundation announced the publication of "When you educate a girl, everything changes", a book which profiles Mastercard Foundation Scholars in Ghana supported by CAMFED. The Scholars share the challenges they have faced in securing their education and their hopes for the future.

When You Educate a Girl, Everything Changes

CAMFED Impact Report

The 2010 Impact Report, representing 17 years of work, presents powerful evidence, in statistics and stories, of the cycle of change launched by educating girls in rural Africa.

A Power-Sharing Model for Systemic Change (PDF 17 MB)

Key Findings (PFD 5 MB)

CAMFED Governance

In 2010, the global law firm Linklaters produced this report for CAMFED, which analyses our community-based model in Africa and examines how good governance can achieve the greatest beneficial impact in poor communities.

Accounting to the Girl – A Report by Linklaters (PDF 1 MB)

Other CAMFED-Related Resources

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