Together we can end child marriage

40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa are married before the age of 18.*  Where poverty is acute, families, and sometimes girls themselves, see marriage as the only way to secure their future. There is an alternative.

Join Emma Watson and pledge your support. Just $25 can keep a girl in primary school for a year.

Camfed prevents child marriage by partnering with girls and their communities to remove the barriers to education. Working together we build the social, emotional and physical infrastructure that support girls to stay in school, succeed and step up as leaders of change.

*Source: Girls not Brides

Dialess, a 14-year-old Zambian bride in Gloria Steinem's Viceland documentary

"By confronting the problems once marginalized as women's issues, we can tackle the greatest dangers of the 21st century.  The greatest indicator of the world's stability, wealth and safety is the status of women." 

- WOMAN with Gloria Steinem, Viceland

Give the gift of education

Alice embodies the power of education over child marriage

Alice grew up in poverty in rural Zambia, supporting her hard-working widowed mother of ten. At the age of 14, Alice had to drop out of school, because the cost of a secondary education was beyond her reach. Alice was destined to become a child bride – a practice common in impoverished communities to reduce family expenses and provide a perceived level of security for girls.

Her life was transformed when the School Based Committee at Camfed’s local partner secondary school in Samfya selected her to receive a Camfed scholarship. The support allowed her to avoid marriage, complete secondary school and join Camfed’s CAMA alumnae network. Through CAMA, Alice became a trainer in financial literacy and entrepreneurship and a role model in her ocmmunity.  She now works with district officials to keep girls in school and out of child marriage, and promotes the power of education by sharing her story and success with girls, their communities and as a global advocate for change.

“It has been a great transformation; I never thought that people would at some stage look up to me for guidance and as a leader. I have come full circle from a shy girl to a more confident and focused lady.”

Watch Alice’s Story

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How does my gift help?

Every year, poverty keeps millions of girls in Africa from going to school. But when you educate a girl, everything changes.

She'll earn up to 25% more per year of secondary school


She'll reinvest 90% of her earnings in her family


She’ll be 3 times less likely to become HIV-positive

How we use your donation?

As well as paying school fees and other essentials, such as uniforms, books, and bicycles, your gift helps beyond the classroom, supporting young graduates with the training and resources they need to become economically independent leaders in their communities.

Over 90% of every dollar we spend goes to our programs.

Education is a  powerful tool in helping girls to avoid child marriage and fulfil their potential. The longer a girl stays in school, the less likely she is to be married before the age of 18 and have children during her teenage years.

Girls between 15 and 19 are twice as likely to die from pregnancy and childbirth than women in their 20s. Yet, every day 25,000 children are married off. Camfed is part of the international movement to end child marriage and motherhood. Our film, The Child Within, is an unflinching portrait of three girls, three unique individuals, who speak to the heavy physical and emotional burden of child motherhood.

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