Women Who Lead - Nimatu Siisu - Video Transcript

Nimatu Siisu It is said that education is the only weapon that can change the world and I truly believe in this, because education has changed my life, education has changed my world and education can change someone’s world.

My name is Nimatu Siisu. I’m originally from the North Gonja district – Daboya. Growing up as the first born and by then the only girl in my family and see the situation I was going through, I saw myself as a candle that can lighten in future to brighten my family.

The main challenge for me going to school was financial. Although my parents wanted me to be in school, they didn’t have sufficient funds to keep me in school and to be able to provide the necessary educational support for me. I remember those days once in a while when I was being sent home because of school fees.

What I did during my senior high school was to get myself engaged in selling of pure water during holidays so I can be able to support myself by buying maybe exercise books, uniforms, sandals, pads. I’m a CAMA [CAMFED Association] member because I was once supported by CAMFED Ghana.

CAMA is a network of young girls who have benefited from CAMFED Ghana and are willing to reinvest the benefits of their education into their own communities. And that is what Nimatu is doing. Two years ago, I set up my own foundation called ‘Hope for the Child.’ My aim is to motivate students to stay in school and do well at school.


Jakpa Iddrissu, Traditional Leader, Daboya Community Nimatu is seen here as somebody very important in our community. We are proud of her. She was also able to let us know that girl child education is very, very important.


Nimatu Siisu I believe so much in girl child education because there’s a great trickle down effect. When you educate a man you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman you educate the whole nation. Most of the young girls in this community are passionate of going to school, but they don’t have the necessary support to keep them in school. And that is why the Nimatu has taken the bold initiative to work with these young girls.

Knowing myself as a young girl growing up with a lot of difficulties. I saw the need to address some of these challenges. I also saw the need to form a girls club in the first ever secondary school in the community. I named it Girl Club, the Change Makers Club, because I see today’s generation as the changemakers. So Nimatu has started mentoring the students, sharing life experiences, telling them what they can do.


Daniel Bukari, Headmaster, Secondary School As she talks, she cheers them up, she encourages them. Their dampened spirits are woken up and it’s wonderful.


Nimatu Siisu My uncle appreciated the effort I did for the students, so he gave me four acres of land. And so my intention for the land is to use it for the cultivation of crops. And the yield will be used to support education, especially girl child education.


Text over white screen  Young women like Nimatu are multiplying the support that they have received. They know what girls need to succeed, they simply need the resources to make change happen.


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