Nasikiwa Duke has nearly two decades of experience working on gender issues, including girls’ education, women’s economic empowerment, health and leadership.

Nasikiwa joined CAMFED Tanzania in 2011, first working with the Finance team before moving into program development and delivery. In the programs team, Nasikiwa managed the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of programs which enable girls supported through school by CAMFED to forge new pathways to independence and leadership in their communities. She worked with members of the CAMFED Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support to design and deliver entrepreneurship and leadership training, and was instrumental in the roll-out of CAMFED’s Learner Guide Program in Tanzania. Moving through the ranks to Director of Programs (August 2021) and now National Director (October 2022), Nasikiwa works with schools, communities, young women, national governments and global partners to ensure the most marginalized children secure their right to learn, thrive and lead.

Nasikiwa holds an Advanced Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Finance Management and a Masters in Accounts and Finance from Mzumbe University in Tanzania. Trained by the Tanzania Gender Network Program, Nasikiwa has many years of experience coordinating on gender issues, including facilitating and organizing women’s entrepreneurship training and leadership training for female politicians in Tanzania.

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