Elected to the position of CAMFED Association National Chairperson in early 2021, Elizabeth leads our network of more than 25,000 young women in Malawi, who understand intimately the obstacles that keep so many girls from accessing and completing their education. Together, they are stepping up as mentors, activists and philanthropists, supporting girls to learn and thrive.

Elizabeth, herself supported through school by CAMFED, volunteered as a peer educator while she was still in school, focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention. She joined the CAMFED Association in 2014, and was elected to be the district representative on the national committee. Elizabeth established “sister to sister” clubs to help girls understand the dangers of early marriage and pregnancy, and participated in meetings of the Community Development Committees (CDCs), which bring together local stakeholders to manage CAMFED program delivery. In 2018, Elizabeth graduated from Teacher Training College, and is now employed as a primary school teacher. Elizabeth also owns a business growing maize and groundnuts, and produces peanut butter for sale. As CAMFED Association National Chairperson, she is prioritizing work with school community partners to ensure girls can access menstrual hygiene products and safe facilities, to reduce absenteeism, and joins forces with other young women in the CAMFED Association to provide essential items and mentoring to keep vulnerable children in school.

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