Grace is founder and director of Greater Flourishing, a global portfolio of work that is accelerating social justice impact across systems, structures, and societies.

Her depth of expertise at strategic, operational and specialist levels has been formed during 25+ years’ experience, in the Not for Profit and For Profit sectors. She is an advisor, Spiritual Director, facilitator, mentor, coach, advocate, and producer. Grace recently led the partnership, operations, delivery, and growth of the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy & Programmes, at Common Purpose Charitable Trust, 2018-2022.

Her career started at Marks & Spencer followed by Whitbread Restaurants and Costa Coffee. As founder and director of Grace Owen Solutions Ltd, 2003-2018, she grew a social enterprise into a successful global leadership development consultancy, working in 100+ organisations, from the large, complex and world-class to the simple, dynamic and grass roots. Examples include, the NHS, Retail Trust, Bromley by Bow Centre, UNICEF UK, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London Business School, the BBC and Environment Agency. Grace has developed thousands of leaders across four continents, including women leaders in Africa and the African Diaspora.

A writer, Grace published, The Leader’s Call – 4 Insights for Leading Yourself at the Next Level (2016) and The Career Itch – 4 Steps for Taking Control of What You Do Next (2009). She has also produced content for online/offline media, including the BBC, The Bookseller, The Guardian, Metro, Reconnect Africa, Pride magazine, Stylist magazine and The Times.

While on the board of CAMFED International, she founded African Diaspora Kids, a four-year London based community legacy project with an international reach. The mission was to keep primary school aged children connected to their African culture, heritage and nurture their leadership potential. She partnered with a UK based African diaspora team of experts to create a leadership development programme, A Generation of Effective Leaders for Africa, for civil servants in Eritrea, it has since expanded to leaders in further education.

A British Ghanaian, Grace was born in London after her parents migrated from Ghana to Nigeria and the UK. She holds an MSc in Learning and Development, a certificate in Reflective Practice, a diploma in Life Coaching and a BSc in Biology and Dance Studies. Grace is a former Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce and associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

A trustee and non-executive director of the CAMFED International board since 2013, she is chair of the nominations committee and a member of the remuneration committee.

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