Elected to the position of CAMFED Association National Chairperson at the end of 2020, Karima leads a network of tens of thousands of young women in Ghana, who are paying forward the benefits of their education by supporting each other, and more girls in their communities, to learn, thrive and lead. Together with her fellow leaders, she is working with CAMFED to empower school graduates economically, as well as encourage and mentor young women to take up leadership roles in their communities.

Karima, whose family struggled to meet her school-going costs, was supported by CAMFED to complete her senior high school education. She joined the CAMFED Association of women leaders in 2013. Karima has served as a Peer Educator on the Financial Literacy Program, delivering modules on financial education and entrepreneurship to over 200 students and community members. She also served as part of the resource team in her district, monitoring CAMFED clients, and ensuring that students received their entitlements on time. Karima is the current CAMFED Association chairperson for Nanumba North District, and serves as a Facilitator on CAMFED Ghana’s Transitions Programme, mentoring and coaching high school graduates to help them transition from school to responsible, fulfilling livelihoods. She also volunteers as a mentor to teen mothers at Life Again, inspiring young women to reach their full potential.

Karima holds an HND from Tamale Technical University, where she served as the first female local president for the Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS) in 2017. She also held the role of Research and Education officer in 2018 and 2019/2020, and of Coordinating Secretary for the Technical Universities/Polytechnics Association in Ghana.

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