Thanks to the tireless work of the young women once supported through school by CAMFED, we have been able to launch a Seasonal Appeal with a difference this year.

On average every CAMFED alumna, or CAMA member, helps two more girls complete their education. Our donors can see the multiplication of their generosity in the determination of educated young women, who live by the mantra that there is more joy in giving than in receiving.

“When the tables turned and I could start giving, I never looked back.”

One of these young women, Ruth Tawiah from Ghana, relied on the generosity of others to get through school. She and her family sold charcoal, broke stones at the quarry, washed clothes and fetched water for people, but never earned enough to cover her school going costs.

Today she is at university, supported by CAMFED in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation. She mentors and supports vulnerable girls to ensure that they continue their education, serves on the board of her former high school, and has dedicated her life to helping others. Ruth envisions becoming a teacher. In her blog she says, “We are empowered because someone out there empowered us. We are practicing what we preach.”

Read Ruth’s blog: “When you know how it feels to be rescued, you just want to rescue others”

Camfed alumna Ruth Tawiah from Ghana shares her story in our latest blog

Ruth Tawiah is a university scholar who supports and mentors vulnerable girls in Winneba, Ghana.


Thank you to our generous recent donors

Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


Ally Kennedy $5

Rabbi Jonathan Gerard $36

Helga E. Seitz €50

Dean Andrew $200

Angela Hamilton $250

Patricia Gorman $250

Louis LE HENAFF £250

Rod Braithwaite $50

Jessica Clark-Jones £540

andreas merk $45


Lara Kenny £5

Susan Kath $100

John Selby $50

Rachel Nance $60