International Women's Day 2022

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A journey to self-belief 

This International Women’s Day we are inviting members of our worldwide community to sign our Global Sisterhood Pledge and commit to rising by lifting others. Those taking the pledge access a series of 10 video testaments from prominent broadcasters, business leaders, influential YouTubers, and grassroots activists, who share their journeys to self-confidence and expand on why they support girls’ advancement globally.

Watch these influential women share their truth

Sharing their journey to valuing themselves, their tips for building self-confidence and addressing ‘Impostor Syndrome,’ and why they support girls’ advancement globally.


Angie’s Global Sisterhood welcome

Angie is our Executive Director, Africa and a founding member of our pan-African Sisterhood of change leaders, and together with YOU, we’re taking our movement global – rising by lifting others.

Zain Asher – Listing Image – IWD 2022

Zain Asher’s message for our Global Sisterhood

Watch CNN anchor Zain Asher speak about her journey to self-belief, and opening the door to others, and take our confidence survey.

Jo Horgan_2

Jo Horgan’s message for our Global Sisterhood

Hear from Founder and Co-CEO of MECCA Brands, Jo Horgan, and download our 9 Top Tips for building self-confidence.

Simone Boyce

Simone Boyce’s message for our Global Sisterhood

Hear from NBC journalist Simone Boyce and share your own confidence journey with us on social media, and discover your own radiance!

Laura Beck – Listing Image – IWD 2022

Laura Beck’s message for our Global Sisterhood

Hear from Laura Beck about her journey to confidence and self-belief, and find out how businesses can support our movement for girls' education.

Vee Kativhu

Vee Kativhu’s message for our Global Sisterhood

Hear from education activist Vee Kativhu on building self-belief, and watch her Girls’ Education 101 conversation with 2 CAMFED Association members.

Join our Global Sisterhood

Sign the #CAMFEDsisterhood pledge and take a learning journey with women across the globe as we honor International Women’s Day. Share your truth, grow in confidence, and rise by lifting up others.

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