Climate Change



CAMFED Association member and Sustainable Agriculture expert, Zimbabwe



Don't miss our experts at the UN Climate Change Conference on Monday, November 14th - Live stream



CAMFED Association member and Agriculture Program Assistant, Malawi

BBC Sounds: 39 ways to save the planet - Transcript

CAMFED Executive Advisor, Fiona Mavhinga, and CAMFED Association member and sustainable agriculture expert , Esnath, join Tom Heap on the BBC climate podcast, in an episode on 'Educating and Empowering Girls.'

Podcast: The feminist solution to climate change - Transcript

Catherine Boyce, Executive Director for Enterprise and Climate, CAMFED International, and Director, CAMFED Australia, and Harriet Cheelo, CAMFED Association member and climate-smart Agriculture Officer, join the Sky News ClimateCast Podcast to talk about the importance of girls' education in tackling the climate emergency.

Beauty's Story: Inspiration for the CAMFED Garden at Chelsea and Eden - Video Transcript

Meet Beauty, the inspiration for our first CAMFED Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which now lives on at the Eden Project in Cornwall. With support from CAMFED, Beauty was able to go to agricultural college, helping her build an ambitious business plan as well as expertise in climate-smart crops and growing methods. Today, she is putting food on the table for her whole community, providing jobs and learning resources for others, and protecting the environment around her. When you look at Beauty, don't just see a female entrepreneur, see the future of sustainable growth.

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