Celebrating CAMFED’s 25th Anniversary Year

This year, as we celebrated our 25th anniversary, you helped us to usher in a new era, with the young women educated through CAMFED’s support now spearheading our movement. Together, we’ve built a model for girls’ education like no other, led by women who know from personal experience what it takes to get girls into school, keep them there, help them to learn, support them to succeed, and unlock their power to lead.

Whether you are an individual supporter, a CAMFED champion and fundraiser, a member of our partner communities, a government official, a traditional leader, or working for the many institutions, trusts, foundations or corporate donors in our movement, please know that by supporting CAMFED, you are supporting a movement led by unrivalled experts: Almost 150,000 young women in the CAMFED Association (CAMA). Together we are reaching the most excluded girls, bridging the gaps between education, employment and enterprise, and taking the lead in climate-smart innovation. We are delighted to share just a few of our 2019 highlights with you.

Thank you! Together, we are shaking up the world!

Our 2019 Highlights

Thank you to our generous recent donors

Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


Günter Kowa €200

Terri Chegwidden $35

Paul and Laura Lemaire $250

Lucas Ovsyannikov $500

Lucy Lake £300

Joyce Heard $350

Melvin and Ellen Moore $1000

Catheryn Sproull $10

Leane Bucceri $15

Jeffrey Tang $5000

Richard Foskett £10

Constance Khananzour $10

Zoe Cam Nhi Huynh $19

Matthew Reid-Schwartz $100

Albert Zabin $150