Thank you for supporting girls to move forward with their education at this critical time.

Your generosity is keeping girls learning, safe, and hopeful for the future.

It will enable us to work faster and go further in breaking down the barriers to girls’ education.

Together, we’re working to repair the damage done by the global pandemic, so that girls can reach their full potential, and become independent, influential leaders, helping to create a healthier, safer, and more just world for all of us.

Your support and faith in us make this possible – thank you.

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Every girl who receives support to go to school supports on average another three through school. Your gift to her unlocks the futures of many more. 



Angie Murimirwa’s TED Talk: Revolutionizing education through social interest

Angie’s TED talk introduces a revolutionary concept




Fanny longed for a childhood but it was taken from her by poverty. Now she is learning and thriving. 

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Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


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