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TES Global staff have joined forces with CAMFED to support girls’ education and the leadership of young women in Africa. Together, we have a shared mission to improve the learning environment and outcomes for vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa. We work with young people, teachers, schools and education ministries to improve the learning outcomes and life chances of some of the most marginalized young people in Africa.

“The challenges faced by the schools, students and communities with whom we partner are immense. By choosing to fundraise for and work with Camfed, TES Global staff are not only directly changing the narrative for so many excluded girls, they will also bring invaluable expertise to the table, supporting teachers and our alumnae leaders with new skills and resources, which will help to ensure that students stay in school and succeed. This partnership has the potential to leave a powerful legacy.”

Lucy Lake, CEO, Camfed International


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When you educate one girl, you educate many

When a girl you support graduates, she becomes part of our unique alumnae network, CAMA. Already 84,675 strong, this movement of educated young women are returning to their villages to grow their economies as business women, leaders and philanthropists. They are paying forward the support that they have received, able to lean on each other as they light the path for more girls. They know what girls need to succeed, they simply need the resources behind them to make change happen.

Their movement is united by the fact that they have not just heard about the power of girls’ education, they have lived it. Every CAMA member exemplifies the spirit of giving back – on average they each support 2 to 3 children to go to school, amplifying your gift and multiplying our collective impact.

CAMFED in turn supports CAMA members through offering training programmes, skills training, business mentoring opportunities, tertiary support and access to microfinance and business start-up support, mobile phones and dedicated technology platforms.

Education changes everything

  • 2X

    Women with a secondary school education will earn twice as much, on average, as women without an education. Lack of girls' secondary education costs countries between $15 and $30 trillion in lost lifetime productivity and earnings.

    World Bank (2018)

  • 90%

    Educated women will reinvest 90% of their earnings back into their families, compared with 35% for men. They'll invest in their children's education and support their studies.

    Clinton Global Initiative

  • 3x

    Educated girls are up to three times less likely to become HIV-positive, and at reduced risk of malaria.

    UN AIDS Gap Report (2014)

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