CAMFED Association member, Zimbabwe

When Talent was eight years old, her father passed away. When she was 10, her mother, in an effort to take care of all of the family needs, had to leave their rural village to look for work.Talent and her two siblings went to live with their aunt, who worked as a shopkeeper and struggled to earn money for the children to attend primary school.

It was a nightmare getting shoes or having a proper uniform. I struggled through primary school to completion. I passed with 5 units, excellent results, a sharp contrast to the struggles I suffered!

When Talent completed primary school with high grades and a desire to continue her education, her aunt told her she couldn’t afford to send her to secondary school. It was at this stage that Talent was identified by her community as among the most vulnerable children. CAMFED stepped in to provide Talent a full scholarship to secondary school.

Once she had financial support, she became one of the top students in her class. She was accepted into the medical program at the best university in the country, The University of Zimbabwe.

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I don’t want to disappoint those who are supporting me. I have faith the gates to success are wide open. I just have to walk through them.

On 10 February 2016, Julia Gillard pledged her support as patron to Camfed and its CAMA alumnae leaders.

Talent completed her degree in 2013. In a speech that year at the launch of 24,000 new scholarship places supported by CAMFED in Zimbabwe, Talent remarked,

Having 24,000 girls like the little insecure and unsure girl I was getting the same chance is wonderful promise. I foresee communities and our country going far. I see destinies changed and futures brightened. The sky is always the limit when you grab the chance with both hands and you have the support of those closest to you.

Talent has completed her training to become a fully qualified doctor and is now practicing in the Mbire District of Zimbabwe, providing vital care where doctors are in extremely short supply. 

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