Where we started

You shared your own journey to confidence and self-love, and answered these questions honestly. Thank you.

  • 32%

    of you scored your confidence levels as a 3 out of 5 when we started out.

  • 30%

    The percentage of you said that you felt Optimistic when starting out on this journey

  • 'Learn'

    The most common theme for what you were hoping to gain from the #CAMFEDsisterhood is to learn from your sisters and pass that on to the next generation.

Where we are now

We’ve come so far together and we hope your belief in yourself is growing. The results are in and it looks like confidence levels are growing, and together we can use that power to change the world!

  • 50%

    Scored their confidence levels at a 5 out of 5 now!!

  • 50%

    The percentage that said that their confidence levels NEVER stop them from doing things! That is a 72% increase from the first survey!

  • 'Love'

    'Loving myself more' was the most common answer to our last question which asked how your approach to life has changed.

Thank you for getting involved in our special series on valuing yourself and lifting others as you rise.

Sisterhood is what lights up our darkest days and we’re all on this journey together. Here is a recap of some of our highlights from the inspiring videos shared by members of the CAMFED Sisterhood. 

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