Representing the CAMFED Sisterhood in New York - Chelsea Chamarra - Video Transcript

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Chelsea, CAMFED Association member, Zimbabwe Hello everyone, my name is Chelsea from Zimbabwe, Umguza district. I was one of the privileged girls to attend the Michelle Obama event in New York, Manhattan.

Everyone has got their own story to tell and of all the speakers who were there, including Michelle Obama, they have had situations that they faced when they were growing up that made them to want to help other people in the same situations. I also have my own stories to tell and it just encouraged me to do something about it so that I can change someone else’s future.

The thing that inspired me the most is seeing the most powerful women come together and come up with the solutions on how to get her there and how to get this girl child back to school. And just me being there, my presence being there.

I’m one person who’s very interested in securing the education of girls. I’ve actually tried to help one or two people back home there, and I have seen that I still have things I need to do to also secure a future with the other girls.

I would tell myself that I can do it, whatever it is that you want to do in life. Believe in yourself. Thank you very much.


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