Reaching the most excluded girls - Video Transcript

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Text over moving imagery When a girl is excluded from education, she is powerless. Powerless in the face of hunger. Powerless over her own body. Powerless to break the cycle of poverty. She is invisible. Or maybe she is just invisible to those who do not know where to look.

What if there were young women in her community, who can see her, and are ready to support her? Young women who understand that inclusion is power. Who know from experience what it means to be: an orphan. Hungry. At risk. Excluded. Invisible. Who know first-hand the transformative power of education.

That’s us, and we are here. We are the CAMFED Association. We are determined to pass on the benefits of our education. We have the insight and activism to reach the most invisible girls in our communities. We are out there, raising funds, bringing excluded children back to school. Join us to supercharge our work, making sure that every child is visible and educated.

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