Ravendor, Primary School Teacher, Serenje district - Video Transcript

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Ravendor, CAMFED Association member and Teacher, Zambia My name is Ravendor, I live in Serenje district, Central Province of Zambia. I completed my tertiary education in 2015. I waited for seven years for me to be appointed as a teacher. Finally, on 15 July this year, the news came that I was appointed as a teacher.

It was so nice. The news was so awesome for me. My eyes were filled with tears of joy. I am a primary school teacher, and my role is to teach from grade one up to grade seven. The other responsibility that I will have in the community is to help someone to be like me. To help someone to be better than I am today. 

My personal experience is a testament to a child who has lost hope of becoming someone better in future. I am what I am today because someone worked very hard for me to achieve what I’ve achieved. Therefore, I’ll also work hard to help someone achieve what he or she wants to achieve. It might take seven years, but once it happens, it’s forever.

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