Mother of Suzen, a CAMFED Association member and Transition Guide, Zambia

My name is Prisca. I am the mother of Suzen who is a Transition Guide* for Samfya district. I am 55 years old and I live in a village in Samfya. I am a mother of five; three girls and two boys. Suzen is my last born. I am a widow. My husband died when my children were very young. I sell tomatoes, onions, vegetables, charcoal and kapenta (small fish) at the local market.

After completing school in 2016, my daughter Suzen was privileged to attend a CAMFED Association business and leadership training where she got a grant of K750.00 (about US$35). This was the beginning of the transformation for our family. Together with her elder brother she embarked on a business of rearing broiler chickens. Her brother had also raised the same amount and they put their money together.

After their first sale, they made a profit of K3,000 (about US$135). This meant that Suzen’s brother could enrol at Rockview University to study teaching. He graduated in December 2020. Suzen intends to enrol in college next year to study Midwifery. My two children have continued with the same business and this is what is sustaining the family.

CAMFED has not only been beneficial to my daughter Suzen, but to the family as a whole.

I am so proud of Suzen as she is a role model in the community. Some of the Transition Guide sessions happen at my home, and I am amazed at how she delivers them to the young women. Both the young women and their parents have so much confidence in Suzen.

I describe Suzen as an advocate for change as she speaks on behalf of the community on topics such as gender-based violence, early marriages, teenage pregnancies and child protection. She is always looking out for vulnerable children, the elderly and the disabled. She assists them with school requisites or food for their homes.

I will forever be grateful to CAMFED for the positive change it has brought to my family.

*A Transition Guide is a member of the CAMFED Association of women leaders who is trained to deliver sessions that help school graduates navigate the challenging period as they work towards employment, entrepreneurship, further education or training.

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