CAMFED has an audacious plan to change the lives of millions of girls. Here’s how.

95% of girls in the most disadvantaged communities in rural Africa never complete secondary school. That is deeply unjust; and it’s a tragedy for each individual, each family, and our collective future.

CAMFED’s vision for 2030 is led by a powerful sisterhood of young women in Africa who have beaten the odds to go to school, succeed and lead – and with your support they’ll make sure millions more get that chance.

  • Our sisterhood, the CAMFED Association, was 25 years young and more than a quarter million members strong across 5 African countries at the start of 2023.
  • And we’re on a trajectory to more than double this movement by 2030:  Over half a million young women transforming the system for the next generation!
  • Together with you, we’ll help millions more girls enroll and thrive in secondary school and transition to secure jobs & leadership.
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Angie's TED Talk will change the way you think about girls' education

“Finishing school is just the start of a challenging journey for a rural girl. It’s the support of women who’ve succeeded before her that show her what’s possible, and as more girls graduate, that journey becomes easier.”

Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa, CEO of CAMFED, helped found our sisterhood of change leaders  – the CAMFED Association – 25 years ago.

Watch her TED Talk to see the world through the eyes of a girl in rural Africa, and experience the difference that a ‘Big Sister’ can make.

Then join us in making the world a more equitable place for everyone.

Watch Angie's TED Talk on

Support the sisterhood - Send a girl to school

Your support can dismantle the barriers that hold a girl back. After school, she’ll graduate into a sisterhood of leaders, lifting each other as they rise.

What keeps me sane and energized during the toughest of times is the sisterhood I co-founded, which sits at the heart of our programs. It’s a safe space where you can show up as you are, and leave better than when you came - the kind of space all of us need to thrive.
Angie Murimirwa, CAMFED CEO and founding member of our sisterhood, the CAMFED Association

The unstoppable impact of educating girls and supporting women into livelihoods & leadership

Every member of our African sisterhood, the CAMFED Association, shares a background of poverty and exclusion, and an unstoppable determination to ensure that every girl secures her right to go to school, learn and thrive, and can become an independent, influential woman.

Our sisterhood in numbers

  • 279K

    The CAMFED Association - our powerful network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support - is 278,959 strong and counting

  • 60K

    59,538 leaders in the CAMFED Association belong to decision-making bodies (equivalent to 21% of members), changing the status quo for women and girls.

  • 112K

    By the end of 2023, 112,246 CAMFED Association entrepreneurs had started a business, bringing quality food, products, services and jobs to rural communities, and using profits to send more children to school.

  • X3

    The most important thing about CAMFED's sisterhood is our Multiplier Effect: The average member financially supports the education of at least 3 more girls.

3 ways CAMFED supports girls to thrive

  • We provide girls with financial and material support for school basics – like decent clothes, notebooks, and menstrual products, in a context where 1 months’ supply can cost as much as 20 meals.
  • We build a nurturing social support network around girls: Community committees that safeguard children; parents who cook school meals and build safe toilets; chiefs who tackle child marriage and lift women’s voices in the community.
  • Crucially, graduates who join our sisterhood return to the classroom to accompany girls on the journey through school to independence.

Have you signed the Sisterhood Pledge?

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