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Global Sisterhood Pledge

  • I pledge to help raise up the next generation of girls to know that their potential is not limited by their gender.
  • I pledge to have more confidence in myself – for my own advancement – and to be a role model for other women and girls.
  • I pledge to encourage other women to use their voice, and let them know they have potential to effect change, and that they have my support.
  • I pledge to value diversity in all situations, and listen with an open mind to women with different values, beliefs, practices and cultures than my own.
  • I pledge to advance women in any and all careers so that they can live up to their full potential and live independent, fulfilling lives.
  • I pledge my voice and my actions to help advance the education of girls worldwide, until ALL girls have equal access to education.
  • I pledge to stand united with ALL women and girls who are stepping into leadership roles that help their local or global community, as well as strive to be a role model for others by leading positive change where I can.


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Hi, I’m Angie Murimirwa, and this is how it all started 30 years ago…

Angeline Murimirwa, Executive Director – Africa

I was one of the first young women to receive support from CAMFED (the Campaign for Female Education) to go to school, and today, I am the CEO of that very same organization. And as a founding member of the CAMFED Association— the powerful pan-African sisterhood of women leaders educated with CAMFED support – I’m so proud of our locally-rooted movement. Together with our communities, and with the support of people like you, we get girls into school, help them to succeed, and unlock their power to lead.  It’s how we can break the cycles of poverty, gender inequality and child marriage for good.

We’re thrilled to take what we’ve learned over the years, and share it with you, and our partners around the world.

While you may not face all the challenges we do, we can all be certain that when girls and women are educated, and lift up other women as they rise, everything changes.

CAMFED has already ensured that over 6.4 million children in some of Africa’s poorest communities attend school – helping girls side-step the dangers that come from child marriage and childbirth, and instead rise up as leaders in their communities, tackling everything from hunger to inequality. 

Our sisterhood works, and keeps growing as more young women join us. This is my inspiration, every day! We are grateful for the opportunity to welcome you in, learn from each other, and share stories about the ripple effect of educating one girl, who then educates many more.

Pamoja Tunaweza! (That’s Swahili for “Together We Can!”),


“If we care about climate change, if we care about poverty, if we care about maternal-child health, then we have to care about education.”

By signing this Pledge, you will...


Stand with a powerful, growing group…

of women and supporters, committed to lifting each other up, and supporting more vulnerable girls to succeed


Hear from young African women…

who are living out the pledge and have transformed their futures


Help us reach our goal of 1 million signatures…

building a movement to create the change this world so desperately needs

“I was so struck by everything that you do and obviously the impact that it has on so many young women and girls in ensuring they have the education that they so rightly deserve.”
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About CAMFED, the organization behind The Global Sisterhood

This world is full of injustices, inequalities and threats to our shared future. You may be left feeling hopeless in your ability to reverse so many of the dangerous trajectories, from global warming, to food insecurity, to violence against women, to social injustice.

So you may be surprised to learn that educating the most vulnerable girls in Africa not only delivers justice, but also women leaders who come together to “be the change.”

More than ever, we need the expertise of these community organizers and activists if we want to tackle our world’s biggest problems.

CAMFED (the Campaign for Female Education) was founded in 1993 because a small group of people believed in the power of young women to lead this change.

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