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New York Times: Support CAMFED this holiday season

In his annual giving column in The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof – who this year also joins forces with the Times’ own Communities Fund – named CAMFED as a top cause to support this giving season. Nick, who says that “girls’ education stands as one of the most high-impact investments we can make today,” names CAMFED as the all-time reader favorite of the nonprofits he’s recommended through his Holiday Impact Prize over the years. He described CAMFED’s unique model for investing in girls’ education as a transformational cause where donations of every size can have an enormous impact. (Dec 2023)

Read Nick Kristof's New York Times column
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Positive Leadership Podcast: The power of mentorship, collective leadership & sisterhood

In her conversation with Jean-Phillipe Courtois (JP) of Microsoft, CAMFED’s CEO Angie Murimirwa speaks candidly about her education and leadership journey, her role models, the importance of mentorship, and how lived experience, collective leadership and accountability to the girl have enabled CAMFED to create a sustainable, scalable and game-changing model for girls’ education and women’s leadership that is breaking cycles of poverty and injustice. (Dec 2023)

Listen to the Positive Leadership podcast

BBC Focus on Africa podcast with Barbara Chilangwa

In this interview about the state of girls’ education in Africa, CAMFED’s Executive Adviser Barbara Chilangwa speaks to the BBC from Zambia about the urgent need to fund education, and what it means when girls are pushed out of school in the critical transition period between primary and secondary school. She underscores communities’ desire to see their children educated, and the difficult choices governments have to make during economic crises. CAMFED partners with rural communities and national governments to show how youth-led social support programs for vulnerable girls can be an education game changer. (Nov 2023)

Listen to the interview at 17:28

Lifestyles Magazine profile on the power of sisterhood with Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa

On the back of her TED Talk, CAMFED CEO Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa spoke to Lifestyles Magazine about the power of girls’ education, when we recognize that support for young women can’t stop at the school gate. She has helped to nurture a sisterhood of leaders – the CAMFED Association – who share power with their communities, spearheading CAMFED’s programs to advance every woman and girl who’s at risk of being left behind. (Winter 2023)

View a copy of the article (with kind permission from Lifestyles Magazine)
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Care More Be Better Podcast interview with Rosalinda Agana

Rosalina Agana, law graduate, agriculture entrepreneur and founder of Teen SWOT mentorship nonprofit from Ghana, joins host Corinna Bellizzi for an episode of Care More Be Better podcast on the theme: The Hard And Noble Work Towards Education Equity.

In her interview, Rosalinda shares her story of completing her education against the odds in Northern Ghana, and joining the pan-African CAMFED Association of women leaders dedicated to lifting each other up and supporting more girls through school. 

She speaks about her education journey with CAMFED, and her current action as a climate-smart entrepreneur, improving food security and unlocking sustainable livelihoods for rural women. (Nov 2023)

Listen to the podcast episode on Care More Be Better

Purple Radio UK interview with Jennifer De Graft Ninson

In her interview with Maggie Naylor from Durham University’s award-winning radio station, Jennifer De Graft Ninson – a member of our sisterhood of women leaders educated with CAMFED support, the CAMFED Association, in Ghana – describes her own journey, from struggling to meet her school-going cost to running a disability rights organization.

She speaks about the hurdles girls face, and why CAMFED’s model is so transformational. (Nov 2023)

Listen to a recording of the interview

CAMFED’s grassroots-led work is deliberately complex, holistically addressing the interconnected challenges girls and young women from disadvantaged communities face on the road to independence and influence.

We truly appreciate the support of all the hard-working podcasters, producers, writers, journalists and filmmakers who care deeply, really listen and are helping to address some of our world’s most pressing problems by highlighting community-driven solutions. 


Citi News interviews Fairuza Safian about our vision for 2030

In her interview with Citi News following a recent media partnership meeting in Tamale, Ghana, CAMFED’s national director Fairuza Safian announced the launch of our new strategic plan – our vision for 2030 – to support millions more marginalized girls to go to school;  join our powerful sisterhood of leaders (the CAMFED Association), helping each other to transition to secure livelihoods; and to partner with governments to drive the adoption of best practices in national education systems. (Nov 2023)

Read the Business Ghana article

Dr. Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka joins forces with our girls' education leaders in Tanzania

It takes all of us to make change happen! We were thrilled when the former Vice President of South Africa and former Executive Director of UN Women, Dr. Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka – who was a Special Guest at the 15th Gender Festival organized by the Tanzania Gender Network (TGNP) – met with CAMFED’s leadership in Dar es Salaam. She spoke about the excellent work of CAMFED Tanzania in driving social change with a gender lens. (Nov 2023)

View the photos and read the blog

The Guardian's spotlight on CAMFED's vision for 2030

Phillip Inman, economics editor of the Observer, reflects on the urgency of keeping girls in school as the cost of living crisis hits the most marginalized families hardest. Phillip, who described CAMFED as one of the most important aid agencies of the moment during the COVID-19 pandemic in his 2021 article on girls’ education and vaccines, caught up with CAMFED’s CEO Angeline Murimirwa while she was travelling and attending meetings in Malawi. (Oct 2023)

Read the Guardian article

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