Nyaradzo, Medical Physics Student, Zimbabwe - Video Transcript

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Nyaradzo, CAMFED Association member and Medical Physicist, Zimbabwe Greetings. My name is Nyaradzo Laura. I’m a CAMFED Association member from Zimbabwe. I’ve been supported by CAMFED through school since I was in Form two and now I’m doing my final year at the University of Zimbabwe. Medical physics is the backbone of medicine because it has branches which work hand-in-hand towards the advancement of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. These branches include radiation therapy for cancer treatment, nuclear medicine for imaging, as well as computed tomography [CT scans]

One thing that I like the most about Medical Physics is that it gives me the ability to imagine things and see them come to life. We are creating a model that will help us in the treatment of cancer. So it gives me joy from within to know in the sense that the skills that I have acquired, I’m now applying them and using them towards the advancement of human health. With all things possible, I see myself as a certified Medical Physicist working with the local radiation centers towards the prevention and treatment of cancer.

My advice to other young women who are in the science field and those who want to join the science field is that education of the mind is a strong force, such that not even the world would be able to take that away from you. So do whatever it takes and leave no stone unturned in becoming the next big scientist. Happy International Women’s Day in Science!

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