Following CAMFED’s recognition as the Grand Prize Winner of Nicholas Kristof’s 2020 Holiday Impact Prize, announced in his column in the New York Times, generous donors contributed an astonishing $4.6 million to send girls in rural Africa to school.

The groundswell of support has been overwhelming, with more than 3,300 new donors choosing to invest in girls’ education and ignite the CAMFED Multiplier — through which educated young women go on to support the next generation through school, and lead lasting change in their communities.

On March 1, 2021, some of Nicholas Kristof’s generous readers joined Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED Executive Director – Africa, to learn more about becoming a part of our world-changing movement. Watch CAMFED 101 to learn how donors ignite sustainable change.

We will make every dollar, every cent count — we don’t need any motivation to do what we do, we have got that covered. Every dollar you give will go far, it will allow for more and more Angelines to come through.

Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED Executive Director – Africa

Nicholas and Angeline discuss why they are passionate about girls’ education – as a matter of social justice, and as a way to solve so many of the world’s pressing problems. They also cover Angeline’s journey as one of the first young women supported through school by CAMFED.

What I love about CAMFED is that it’s a perpetual motion machine: CAMFED graduates themselves then support other kids, and CAMFED grads actually support more kids than CAMFED donors do.

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times Op-Ed Columnist

The funds raised through the Holiday Impact Prize will support CAMFED’s ambitious goal of educating 5 million more girls by 2025, providing a crucial combination of financial, social and peer support for them to attend school and thrive. This work is all the more urgent given the devastating consequences of the pandemic, which renders girls the least likely to return to school, the most vulnerable to drop out, and at increased risk of early marriage and adolescent pregnancy. In this critical work, we are led by young women who have lived and overcome poverty and exclusion themselves.

Every CAMFED graduate, on average, supports at least another three more girls in turn. This is what we call the Multiplier Effect – the impact a girl’s education has on others’ lives, and on the health, wealth and equality of our world.

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Thank you to our generous recent donors

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Niall Doherty $310

Rob Nickerson £350

Niall Doherty $215

David WOLFSON $750

Wendy Wallbrunn $40

Jonathan Wilkinson £50

Albert Zabin $200

Steve Osman $100

Roe & Maggie Stone $100

Betty Schwab $25

Jonathan Brody $40

Bonne Mogulescu $150

William Wiedmann $150

Adrianna Timmons $360

Lizbeth Garcia $10