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NewsPress CoverageMultiple countries

FT Technology: “CAMFED is a game changer”

Speaking to Jane Bird in an interview for the Financial Times Technology Leaders Report, Charlotte Finn, Vice President of Programmes at Salesforce Foundation, lauds CAMFED’s…


NewsPress CoverageMultiple countries

Why don’t poor parents send their daughters to school?

“ 'Why' the international development sector asks, 'don’t parents send their daughters to school and reap the returns?' Parents cannot send their daughters to school…


StorySecondary EducationZambia


Salin was orphaned after losing her parents just one year apart. She now lives with her eldest sister in a house shared with her other…


StorySecondary EducationTanzania


At just 13-years-old, Vumilia had supported herself through primary school, earning money collecting and selling firewood. But after completing primary school, she despaired in the…


StorySecondary EducationZambia


Katongo leaves her aunt’s house well before sunrise to begin her 90-minute walk to school in Chinsali, Zambia. Despite the long walk, it’s a journey…


StorySecondary EducationZambia


Julia is 15-years-old, and the youngest of eight children in her family. All of her siblings have left home, so she lives alone with her…


StorySecondary EducationMalawi


Jessey is one of six children and lives with both her parents. They depend on farming to provide for the family. Despite their hard work,…


StorySecondary EducationGhana


Jennifer’s village in Ghana can be seen just beyond the fence of her schoolyard. She lives with her grandparents while her mother and father do…


StorySecondary EducationTanzania


When Husna was just 12-years-old, she had just completed primary school and was working full-time as a housemaid in Morogoro while she awaited her test…

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