We’re thrilled to welcome a new funding partner supporting our work in Zambia – Australia’s Navitas Education Trust. 

Navitas is a respected leader in global higher education, partnering with universities across the globe. 

The Navitas Education Trust, which aims to transform lives through education, will be investing in improving access to quality education for disadvantaged girls and increasing employability of young women in rural Zambia.


Extending the reach of CAMFED Learner Guides

Funding will support an enhanced support package for 50 CAMFED Learner Guides  – young women life skills mentors and peer educators, who return to their local schools to support vulnerable students to study, grow in confidence, discover their inner powers, set goals, and learn how to achieve them. 

The items provided through the partnership will include mobile phones, mobile data packages, bicycles and funding for community outreach activities, including  radio broadcasts. It will allow young women, who regularly check up on students in their communities, and advocate for girls’ education and women’s leadership, to travel more quickly and safely, and to stay tightly connected with schools and other support services. 

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Meet some of our Learner Guides and the students they support



We can’t afford to lose our future leaders – it’s in our power to keep girls learning and safe from abuse

As a role model especially to girls, I help them discover their potential and their powers — for example the courage to become someone like me, who assists others and runs a business. As a result, they will live a better life, which will also benefit those around them, because you always give to others.




I really want to become a teacher because I know a teacher is the start. For someone to become a doctor, a president, a nurse, they all pass through a teacher. A teacher has a very good heart so they can help children to reach their goals.




When I looked around me I saw many young people who were vulnerable — to early marriages, to being trapped in the cycle of poverty, and to having no voice in community matters. By becoming a peer mentor and role model, I have the chance to speak about the importance of education, to pass on my knowledge and skills.

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