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Abi, My Better World Character This is the start of a journey that is all about improving your life. So how are we going to do that? By learning from each other. My friends and I are always…


Amina, My Better World Character discovering things about our lives,


Freddie, My Better World Character finding ways to help us understand the world around us


Rosa, My Better World Character and help us to make better choices and to think about the future.


Voiceover Let’s meet two girls from Tanzania who know all about being caring friends.


Deborah, Secondary Student, Tanzania I like helping Philomena because I care for her. For example, when we’re at school I take her to the washroom. I also take out of the classroom, take her home and back to school.


Philomena, Secondary Student, Tanzania For example, when in class and I want to go out she is the one who takes me. Deborah and I help each other in different subjects. For example, if she’s struggling in English, I help her, and when I struggle in mathematics, she helps me.

With My Better World, we are taught how to live positively with people, about self-awareness, self-worth and respecting others. They teach us that so we can be better in the future. I would like to be a TV presenter. I have always had the same dream. I would like to present news and focus on issues in society.

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