We are thrilled that the My Better World television series has won an International Emmy in the Kids: Factual & Entertainment category.

The multimedia series, which follows the adventures of six African teenagers discovering their power to navigate life’s big challenges, was produced by our partner Impact(Ed) International with Fundi Films and MAAN Creative, working with young people and educators in five African countries.

It’s based around the themes of CAMFED’s My Better World life skills and wellbeing curriculum, which is delivered to students by CAMFED graduates trained as peer mentors, or Learner Guides. 

CAMFED colleagues in Tanzania, Ghana and the UK worked closely with the production teams to advise on style, guide character development, host script workshops with students, review storylines, and more. The resulting 55 My Better World episodes combine animation with short documentaries.

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Discover the Emmy-winning series

Audiences have come to love the fictional and real-life characters in the My Better World multimedia series, as they face scenarios and make decisions relating to their education, family relationships and friendships. The teenagers discover opportunities, consequences and their own strengths.

At each episode’s core, real people share their experiences in inspiring mini documentaries. These everyday role models – including Learner Guides, CAMFED Association members and girls supported to go to school by CAMFED – share their personal stories of struggle, courage, and perseverance, highlighting the theme of the animated story.

Watch 'The Free Ride Story'

Adapting My Better World into a television series (available in different languages) has helped its empowering messages to reach many millions of viewers across several African countries. During COVID-related school closures, a radio version in English, Hausa, Somali and Swahili helped respond to distance learning challenges. Impact(Ed) International made the episodes freely available to support national educational radio programming in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. CAMFED worked closely with the Ministry of General Education in Zambia to adapt the series to air through the Education Broadcasting Service, as well as on local radio stations.

By the end of 2021, the broadcasts on TV and radio across sub-Saharan Africa had reached more than 200 million people. 

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Day of the African Child (June 16th) is a day that calls for social justice, and every child’s right to a quality education, unlocking the limitless leadership potential of our African youth. That leadership is evidenced daily by CAMFED Association Learner Guides - young women who completed school against great odds, now working to keep the most vulnerable children safe and learning. Delivering our My Better World life skills and wellbeing curriculum - which inspired an engaging TV and radio series, created by Impact(Ed) International - these role models help vulnerable children recognize and grow their world-changing “powers” - the inner strengths that help them improve their wellbeing, and that of others.



CAMFED’s My Better World curriculum comes to television screens

A new series currently being aired on Kenyan television is bringing CAMFED’s My Better World curriculum to a large new audience. The life skills and wellbeing workbook, developed together with young women in Africa, has been adapted by Impact(ed) International (formerly the Discovery Learning Alliance) into an engaging, part-animated video series aimed at adolescents. It reflects the content being delivered by CAMFED Learner Guides, helping students to navigate challenges, build confidence, set goals, and learn how to achieve them.



Video: My Better World and Secondary Students Philomena and Deborah

In an exciting collaboration, the Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) has adapted CAMFED's My Better World life skills and wellbeing curriculum, developed with young women in Africa, into a part-animated video series for adolescents. The series follows the adventures of six African teenagers as they navigate the challenges of school, family and friendship. Their stories are interspersed with real stories, including of girls we currently support, like Philomena and Deborah from rural Tanzania, who serve as an inspiration to all of us in the love and support they have each other. This is a sneak preview of the series, which will be launched in partner schools in the near future.

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