My Better World Episode 16: The Free Ride Story - Video Transcript

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Abi Welcome to My Better World. Hi, my name is Abi. This is a start of a journey that is all about improving your life. So how are we going to do that? By learning from each other. My friends and I are always


Amina discovering things about our lives.


Freddie Finding ways to help us understand the world around us


Rosa and help us to make better choices and to think about the future.


Grace We are going to help each other understand what wellbeing is and how to find the strength inside us all.


Yusuf Strength that can make a difference to our family, community, our country,


Abi even the whole world! Welcome to My Better World! So who are we? Well Amina loves football and is our star goalkeeper. Her brother Yusuf is great at making all kinds of things. Yes, Rosa is our future scientist. She loves collecting cool things to show us. And that is Freddie. He is the most brilliant singer, but can be a little shy sometimes. And that is Grace. She loves making clothes.

Being Wise: The Free Ride Story.


Amina See? This is the answer I wrote in the test. 


Grace Come on! Let’s walk faster. 


Abi What’s the answer for question four?


Grace I really have to go, I haven’t got time. Bye!


Male characteron a motorbike Hey sweetheart! Why are you suffering while I’m here?


Grace Leave me alone Yesse, I’m in a hurry.


Male character on a motorbike Hey I can see you’re in a hurry. That’s why I’m offering you a ride.


Grace No thanks.


Male character on a motorbike I can get you there faster! And the sun won’t burn you.


Grace Um, uhhh…


Male character on a motorbike Come on, I don’t bite.


Grace Okay. You can drop me here.


Male character on a motorbike Um, I thought you live over there?


Grace Here is fine. Thank you for the ride.


Male character on a motorbike Okay see you soon. Hey! Going to be late for school?


Grace You again.


Male character on a motorbike Yes, jump on!


Grace I’ll walk.


Male character on a motorbike I’m going that direction. Don’t be stubborn. I’ll get you to school on time. See? That was great, huh?


Grace Thank you, bye!


Male character on a motorbike See you later.


Grace Hey Abi!


Abi Hey! What’s going on between you and him?


Grace He’s just being very helpful, giving me a ride when I need it.


Abi He’s helping you?


Grace Well, I’m here before you.


Abi Is it kindness, or is he wanting something more?


Grace Don’t be silly. You take everything so seriously.


Abi (Voiceover) Now lets go to Tanzania to see how being wise has changed the life of one young woman. 


Secondary Student, Tanzania The My Better World program has changed my life. The topics I like: about having a good life and being a success.


Abi (Voiceover) The skills she has learned have allowed her to face the challenges in her young life.


Secondary Student, Tanzania The challenge I face at home is a lack of food. Sometimes there is nothing to cook so I go to sleep and in the morning I go to school hungry. The challenges I face at school are mostly to do with the shortage of books. But it is the wise decisions she has made in her personal life that have really made a difference.

There are many challenges, especially regarding temptations. Girls can be vulnerable and easily tempted. You will be walking and a man will call you and try to approach you. If a girl is not smart and does not think about her future, and about why she goes to school, she will be tempted by him. What inspires me to go to school is studying hard. I also like sports like netball. 


Abi (Voiceover) Now, she is trying to help other young women like her. 


Secondary Student, Tanzania If a girl is going in the wrong direction, especially Form One students who are vulnerable, I sit with them and give them advice on various issues. So, it is important to be brave so that you can speak about the issues you want to address. I want to pursue a medical degree because I like that field. I like helping people and helping the community.


Male character on a motorbike Here you go, home sweet home.


Grace Thanks Yesse. Oh, long day. 


Male character on a motorbike Greetings Grandmother! Are you well?


Grace’s Grandmother I’m well young man. How are you?


Male character on a motorbike All fresh with me! Bye!


Grace’s Grandmother Seems like a nice boy. Is he expecting you to be nice back?


Grace Oh… Hmm, I’m sure my customer will love this. 


Male character on a motorbike Hey! Jump on!


Grace You don’t have to take me everywhere. I am going this direction. Bye.


Male character on a motorbike But I like to take you everywhere. 


Grace That’s nice of you, but don’t let me trouble you.


Male character on a motorbike Come on, be nice to me today. Come with me out to the river. Jump on!


Grace Um, no. I don’t want to go there, but thanks.


Male character on a motorbike Hey! I’ve done so many nice things for you. Have I ever asked you to pay any money? Today I’m asking for just a little hug.


Grace I will not be hugging anybody. 


Male character on a motorbike I was doing you a favour and now you are playing childish games. Jump on.


Grace No, I said no. Leave me alone.


Male character on a motorbike You are just using me.


Grace Did you really think by giving me free rides, I will be giving you my body?


Male character on a motorbike Get lost! Ah!


Abi Oh, on foot today?


Grace Today and every day until I can afford my own ride. I have learned my lesson. Decisions, decisions. We are always faced with difficult decisions. Being wise and thinking carefully will help us make the right choices for today and the future.


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