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Jane, Secondary Student, Zambia My name is Jane. I live in a family of six. I’m the second born and I live with my mom who is a subsistence farmer. Education means a lot to me and it is very important to my life because when I complete my education I can be independent in life.

I heard of CAMFED when I was in Grade 11, and then I was very happy to hear that I received CAMFED support. That was my prayer because I almost stopped school because of financial problems.

I think CAMA (the CAMFED Association) is a very good organization because it helps others including me. And then the members of CAMA usually come here in my school to teach others about My Better World and also some things; how to live, respect, and so on and so forth. 

I want to do something when I complete school, which is health clinic officer. And my mom is the one who inspires me because she is a very hard working woman, and she is wise in doing things. My role model is Ms. Tembo because she’s independent. 

My hope as of now is very bright because I know in the future I will be somebody. I’ll be independent. I’ll be able to support my family and all other people who are in need. 

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