On July 31st, at its national leadership conference in Melbourne, Australia, beauty retailer and global beauty brand curator MECCA launched a partnership with the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) as part of a new phase of its MECCA M-Power initiative, which champions female education, independence and entrepreneurship locally and globally.

The partnership aims to support thousands more disadvantaged young women in rural Africa to go to school, learn, succeed, and become leaders and changemakers in their communities. In a video addressing the team at MECCA, CAMFED Patron Julia Gillard explained how.

The CAMFED model for change is almost an exponential one, as graduates become our alumnae, and go back into schools. They’ll stop at nothing to make sure the girls most at risk of dropping out will stay in school and succeed. On average, each member of the CAMA alumnae network supports three other girls to go to school, so the investment from MECCA M-Power will make a real difference, alongside the work of CAMFED and CAMA. Thank you so much MECCA M-Power for being part of this journey of change.

CAMFED Patron Julia Gillard, 27th Prime Minister of Australia and Chair of the Global Partnership for Education

We’re thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with the Campaign for Female Education. Education has always been at the heart of MECCA and is the foundation for our MECCA M-Power initiative. Education leads to empowerment and realising what’s possible. CAMFED extends the reach of MECCA M-Power to thousands of young women in rural communities across sub-Saharan Africa, to lead the charge for girls’ education and young women’s leadership. Together, we are determined to create an equitable world, where women and girls are empowered to flourish.

Jo Horgan, founder of MECCA and the first woman to win the EY Entrepreneur of The Year Australia Award

The MECCA M-Power initiative was first launched in 2017, to support women and girls to flourish and realise their full potential. This year, CAMFED is delighted to team up with MECCA to support thousands of disadvantaged young women in rural Africa to go to school, learn, succeed, and become leaders and game changers in their communities. Through team workshops across Australia and New Zealand, MECCA’s more than 3,000 team members will learn more about this exciting new partnership, lending their passion and creativity to the collaboration.

This partnership is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when forward-thinking, innovative companies partner with community-led NGOs, investing in the expertise of young women with lived experience of poverty and exclusion, whose leadership is changing the status quo for all of us

Emily Zemke, Director of Development at CAMFED International.

CAMFED alumna Francisca mentoring students in rural Ghana

CAMFED alumna Francisca mentoring students in rural Ghana.

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