Here in Malawi, September brings one of our most difficult decisions.

We have to draw a line between the girls who will go to school and those who will not – we simply do not have the resources to help every child who needs support. Every day it hurts our staff anew to see girls with so much zeal and promise left behind. These girls understand exactly what it means to fall below the line.

“At times it’s so tough that you can’t even pronounce the word ‘no’ to a child.”

In our latest blog, CAMFED Malawi’s National Director, Harold Kuombola, shares some of the letters and stories from rural Malawi, and the lengths girls and their families will go to to secure an education. He describes how hard it is to face girls and their families, having to say no to those who are so determined to go to school.

A drop in funding due to recent global crises, compounded by the regional drought, has had a devastating effect on the families of Malawi. Communities are doing what they can to support girls, but simply lack the financial resources. Harold explains how this plays out, and what readers can do to help.

Read Harold Kuombola’s blog: ‘These girls understand what it means to fall below the line.

Send a girl back to school

A letter from Grace in Malawi

A letter from 14-year-old Grace in Malawi. Right now our 17 district offices there receive two to three letters like this every single day


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