Members of the CAMFED alumnae network, CAMA, will join musician/activist Drea Pizziconi on stage at the ‘Education Changes Everything’ Gala for the world premiere of new global anthem ‘Let Us Dance’.

The song has been written and produced by Drea Pizziconi and features Maimouna Youssef and the Dap-Kings Horns. This dynamic performance will be central to an evening celebrating CAMFED’s 25th anniversary, and will be a powerful call to action, encouraging new and existing supporters to step up behind educated young women leading change.

Education is a basic human right and there is no better investment in our world’s future than the investment in a girl’s education. But the barrier for women to reach their potential remains high. I wrote this song for all the girls out there who won’t give up and want to tell the world ‘Get ready…we’re coming.

Drea Pizziconi, Musician/Activist

Drea Pizziconi is a composer/lyricist/producer/director and social entrepreneur, passionate about championing social justice and women’s leadership. She was inspired to write ‘Let Us Dance’ by the fearless female leaders in CAMA – young women who were once the most marginalized in their rural communities – who are breaking down gender norms, stepping up as role models and ensuring the next generation of girls can go to school and succeed.

Fourteen representatives from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana and Malawi will attend CAMFED’s first ever Gala in New York to share their stories and perform ‘Let Us Dance’. The group includes Ruka, an entrepreneur and former Mandela Washington Fellow; Lilian, a child safeguarding expert; and Malumbo, a leader in climate-smart agriculture.

Some of the CAMA members had a chance to practice the performance when Drea Pizziconi recently travelled to Zimbabwe. During their time in the US, the young women plan to join her to create the music video for ‘Let Us Dance’, a new rallying cry for their unstoppable movement of change.

Discover stories of more current and future CAMA members here.

‘Let Us Dance’ is released worldwide on May 10 with all 2019 profits supporting The Campaign for Female Education.

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