Secondary Student, Tanzania


My name is Khadija, I live in Morogoro Rural District in Tanzania. I live with my father, mother, grandmother, and my two brothers. My mum and dad are farmers.

When I started school I didn’t dress like my peers because my parents couldn’t afford to buy me a uniform. This really affected my confidence. My life changed when I reached Form 2 and I was selected to receive support from CAMFED. I was given a new uniform and other items I didn’t have, like exercise books and pens.

CAMFED changed my life, I could go to school wearing uniform and feel equal to my fellow students.

Another person who has really helped me at school is Madam Dotto. Madam Dotto is a Learner Guide, and she is different from our teachers. Instead of normal classes, she teaches us using My Better World — a book that educates us about our ‘powers’ — the abilities we all have inside of us.

I love the topic of self-esteem. This topic teaches how a girl should value herself.

I have changed through this program because I have learned how to value and support others. Now if I discover that another girl does not value herself, I can talk to her and help raise her self-esteem. The program has also given me confidence to ask for help when I need it.

Dotto and Hadija at school in Morogoro District, Tanzania

I see Madam Dotto as my guardian because she helps me with so many things. She has helped me with money for food, bought me socks, and made me feel good like other students.

She is someone I trust and can talk to about my personal problems outside of the classroom.

One problem I had was that I was missing school every month because I couldn’t afford menstrual pads. Madam Dotto noticed my absence and asked me about it. Now she makes sure I have pads every month and I don’t miss any school.

Khadija had been coming to school some days and not others because she had no money for pads. So when she approaches her days she informs me and I give her some pads, which has even contributed to the improvement of her attendance. She is progressing well!

Dotto, Learner Guide

I know education is important and will help me in life. My favorite subject in school is Swahili because it is my language, and one that is used by all people here in Tanzania.  I want to study hard so that I can become a teacher like my teacher Madam Mukanda, or a nurse or doctor. I want to be a role model to the community, like Madam Dotto, and work with CAMFED so all children can have an education. 

Support for Khadija and CAMFED’s Learner Guide program was made possible through UK Aid from the UK Government, including the FCDO’s Girls’ Education Challenge. Through the leadership of educated young women like Dotto, we have developed a sustainable model through which community members join forces to provide girls with the wrap-around support they need to stay in school, learn, thrive, and become the next generation of leaders and change makers, providing psycho-social support and funding the education of many more vulnerable girls.

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