Judith Msindo writes for Ms. Magazine about the transformative power of education

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For Judith Msindo, school was a source of hope, and a place of safety and security, but without the support from her village community she may never have attended.

As millions more girls across the globe face exclusion from school due to COVID-19, climate change, and economic shocks, CAMFED Association member Judith shares her expertise on the transformative power of education with Ms. Magazine

Poverty is an injustice that falls most heavily on girls. I fully believe that the best way to address this injustice is to invest in organizations that support the education of young women.

Judith Msindo, CAMFED Association member, Zimbabwe

In her article, Judith explains how her community rallied around to support her when she was at her most vulnerable, and how school raised her aspirations and gave her confidence in her abilities. Judith describes how education, and the opportunity to lead, can transform the lives of the most marginalized in society, as they in turn invest in their communities. Today, Judith is a passionate advocate for the rights of women and girls. 


Rallying communities to combat hunger

Having faced extreme deprivation as a child in rural Zimbabwe, Judith is unstoppable in her activism to support children to thrive.  To help her community combat hunger, Judith trained as an Agriculture Guide and now teaches groups of mothers to grow crops in school gardens. These gardens provide free vegetables to vulnerable girls and students whose hunger may otherwise push them out of school. She says,

“I am a mentor to girls at my local school, a fundraiser in my community, someone fighting hunger.”

Read Judith’s article in Ms. Magazine
Mothers at the school farm

A CAMFED Mother Support Group working with Judith Msindo in the school garden (Judith not pictured)

Along with her sisters in the CAMFED Association – the network of young women paying forward the benefits of their education – Judith is making sure that the most vulnerable girls in her rural Zimbabwean community have what they need to learn and succeed.

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