Josephine’s story demonstrates the many hurdles girls have to go through to secure their education . Though her family could afford for her to attend secondary school, her father could not see the merits of sending a girl to school and instead thought she should get married. Josephine took a number of measures to report her father, and following her visit to the police he was arrested for three days.

Although Josephine joined secondary school, she started three months late and found it hard to settle and catch up on the work she had missed and her father refused to pay the school fees. Government support was promised but when the fees did not materialise, Josephine had to follow the matter up herself, taking the long journey by bicycle to visit the local government education office, but could not resolve the issue. Eventually, she dropped out.

Josephine moved to Kibaha District in 2007, got married and became a housewife. This was the same year that CAMFED started working within the district and the Cama network was launched. She joined the network and had the opportunity to become involved in a number of income generating activities: she started selling chapatis in schools and then, as her capital grew, she sold material for dress making. As a member of the Cama network, Josephine received training, building her knowledge and increasing her confidence in business management. She also had the opportunity to undertake leadership training.

Josephine campaigned to become a District Councillor for Kibaha in the 2010 General Elections. She won the campaign and today represents the views of young women on the decision-making board for the district, and at district council meetings.

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