Secondary Student, Zambia

My name is Jane, I’m the second born in a family of six and I live with my mom who is a subsistence farmer. 

I attend a boarding school, so I usually live at school during the school term. In the morning, I wake up early to do my morning prep (studies and assignments). I then go back to the dorm to take a bath and supervise my fellow students as I am a prefect. 

During the holidays when I return home, I clean the house and cook breakfast and lunch for my family.

Education means a lot to me and it is very important to my life. When I complete school, I aspire to be a health clinic officer.

When I complete my education I can be independent in life.

I was very happy when a teacher told me about CAMFED in Grade 11, as I almost dropped out of school due to financial problems. CAMFED Association members come here to my school to teach us about My Better World, the life-skills curriculum which includes respect and leadership.

I think the CAMFED Association is a very good organization because it helps others, including me.

My favorite subject is Mathematics, I love it very much. I believe if I go into society I will be able to use the principles in mathematics to solve problems.

My mom inspires me because she is a very hardworking and wise woman. My role model is Ms. Tembo because she is independent.

My life goal is to do what God calls me to do, especially helping others, as CAMFED has helped me. 

I now feel very hopeful because I know in the future I will be somebody. I will be independent. I will be able to support my family and other people in my community.

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