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If you care about a healthy planet, educate girls!

Investing in girls’ education is not only just and right, it’s also the foundation for women’s leadership for a sustainable future, and one of the most powerful ways of tackling the climate emergency. Research shows that countries with higher levels of girls’ education increase their resilience to climate disasters, and that women’s equal participation in decision-making, and their political leadership, tends to benefit people and the planet.

Why climate action starts with girls’ education

Educated women have the skills they need to run and grow sustainable businesses, especially in climate-smart agriculture. They can inspire community action to build climate resilience; innovate to adopt green technologies; and lead on local and global policy that changes the status quo. The result: increased prosperity, reduced carbon emissions, and improved adaptation and resilience to the effects of climate change, which are already being felt, especially in the world’s most marginalized communities. We know this not just from research data, but from three decades of experience in Africa.

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Together with you, we can grow a green and equitable future.

Our CAMFED Association is the fastest-growing movement of young women leaders in Africa.

  • We’ve lived the hunger and anxiety caused by extreme and unpredictable weather.
  • We’ve seen how the climate crisis disproportionately impacts women and pushes more girls out of school.
  • So we know what it takes for our communities to thrive, and for girls and young women to be seen and heard.


Discover how girls' education = climate action


Climate action

Our work results in educated women with agency, who can live healthier, more productive, and secure lives. They have healthier families, earn higher incomes, support the education of many more children in their communities, and can help build resilience to the effects of climate change, including through sustainable agriculture. 

Beauty holds some of her produce from her garden in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.

Climate-Smart Agriculture Guides

CAMFED's Climate-Smart Agriculture Guide programme supports young women to understand climate change, to build climate-smart livelihoods (improving farming yields, income and jobs) and to share knowledge and skills for climate resilience and improved nutrition widely in their communities.



COP26: Watch our sisterhood of leaders for girls' education and climate action

Our leaders are participating in several events at COP26, bringing the deep expertise, lived experience and grassroots activism of young African women to a global audience, and to the policy making table.

Thank you to James White Drinks for spreading the word!

James White Drinks has been supporting CAMFED's work for a number of years, by printing information about our powerful model for girls' education on its juice cartons. We love partners who are passionate about social and climate justice. If you own or work for an organization that wants to make a difference, please get in touch.

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