Pledge your support of young women leaders in Africa. Together we can end child marriage and empower girls through education.

Every year over 12 million girls are married before the age of 18. Child marriage has a devastating impact on a girl’s health and independence, and usually spells the end of her education – and her dreams. Child marriage perpetuates the cycle of poverty. With no control over her body or her future, it puts a young girl in life-threatening danger and deprives our communities of boundless potential.

“In our partner communities, child marriage is both the result of — and the reason for — girls dropping out of school. In a context of extreme poverty, girls are especially at risk. Child marriage does not give them a better life. Instead it leads to abuse, early pregnancy, health complications, ultimately robbing girls of the chance to go to school, and fulfil their potential.”

Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED Executive Director – Africa

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Now meet Rose, an inspirational leader in the fight against child marriage.

Rose is a CAMFED alumna and part of our young women’s peer support and leadership network, called CAMA, in rural Malawi. Orphaned at a young age, Rose beat all odds to complete her secondary education. She has gone on to succeed as an educator and community activist. Rose has made stopping child marriage the primary focus in her life, and she rallies her fellow alumnae and her community around her. She has already personally stepped in, with the help of police and community leaders, to annul the child marriages of eight girls, and support them back to school. Rose is a living example of the transformative power of girls’ education.

International Day of the Girl Child is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of girls who are excluded from education because of poverty, and to celebrate what we can achieve when we come together to protect and educate the girl child. Please join us in this movement to empower girls everywhere, and highlight the importance that education has in combatting child marriage.” – Rose

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