Open Doors Appeal 2021

Keep the door to school open during the pandemic, and each girl you help can open many more in her future — doors to higher education, to her own business, to council meeting rooms and even government chambers. Donate now

Cause Marketing in aid of girls’ education

In sub-Saharan Africa, 52 million girls are excluded from school, and 92% never complete secondary education. At CAMFED we believe that every child is entitled to a quality education in a safe environment, and seek partners who are invested in multiplying not just value, but our values of equity and inclusion.

Together, through our unique School Day Advocate program, we can ensure girls from the most disadvantaged backgrounds have the support they need to attend and complete primary and secondary school.


Become a ‘School Day Advocate’

Make your values clear and show your customers your dedication to girls’ education. Becoming a School Day Advocate starts with just £475 which amounts to 720 days of school. As your support for CAMFED acculimates we celebrate your impact at key milestones as you rise up the scheme from bronze to platinum membership.


5,000 Days of school supported

20,000 Days of school supported

50,000 Days of school supported

100,000 Days of school supported


A partnership like no other

As one of our cause marketing partners, you will join our growing community of School Day Advocates who not only hope to achieve business objectives but want to provide meaningful connection for staff, customers and clients to our vision to support marginalized girls through school.

Alongside this you will also be invited to our annual Impact Days where you will meet others from our global network of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and national companies, and join us in celebrating the collective efforts of our School Day Advocate community.


Join us!

To join our community of cause marketing partners, send us an email outlining your proposal to [email protected]

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Our partners

These companies are partnering with us to multiply the leadership potential of millions and girls and women who are at the forefront of addressing the world’s problems.


5,000 School Days

Introducing our partners who through their ongoing contributions have each supported 5,000 school days – that’s 27 girls, through 1 year of secondary education.

Luca Senatore
AuXchange, Inc.


School Day Advocates

Meet our partners who have each supported 720 days of school – that’s 1 girl, through 4 years of secondary education.

BRIDE by Aster
Kimai Jewelry
Infinity Weddings Events & Academy


Thank you to our generous recent donors

Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


Eric Starr $15

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Stephen Kevan $2500

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Annie Durbin $1000

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Matthew Reid-Schwartz $100

Kim Pengelly $1000

Kerri Hame $150

Henry Burton $200

George Coope $50

Lillian Pearson $25

Jackie Wilson-Farber $75

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Jackie Wilson $75