On May 6, 2019, CAMFED had the pleasure of taking part in the Women’s eNews “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” Gala.

The inspirational evening included speeches and awards to honor 21 women, men, and organizations who have made it their mission to empower women and girls around the world, furthering gender equality.  

We believe that when you educate a girl, everything changes. And after 25 years and 2.6 million girls supported in school in Africa, it’s not a belief. It’s a proven fact.

Brooke Hutchinson, Executive Director, CAMFED USA

CAMFED was one of only two organizations honored at the event. Brooke Hutchinson, Executive Director of CAMFED USA, accepted the award on CAMFED’s behalf. During the event, Brooke was asked “How do you believe women can save the world?”

In her speech, Brooke spoke about the young women of the CAMFED alumnae network, CAMA who pay forward the benefits of their education, finding solutions to issues from child marriage to climate challenges. She quoted Issah, a CAMA member  from Ghana, who perfectly outlined our organization’s vision: “We felt that if we help her today, tomorrow she will be able to help someone, and that is how the world will change.”

Brooke highlighted that it is CAMA’s leaders, now numbering nearly 140,000, who are at the forefront of our movement. “We are led by those who have the experience and expertise to dismantle the barriers that girls face – those who once faced that same exclusion themselves.”

Women’s eNews, founded by the late Rita Henley Jensen in 1996 and now led by Lori Sokol, PhD, is a nonprofit news service that reports on issues important to women, while also providing women’s perspectives on public policy. Their mission is “to create a more equitable world” by sharing the stories of women and girls, and giving them a voice to be heard. Their reporters from around the world cover topics such as politics, religion, health, sustainability, science, education, and more.

Women’s eNews annual gala recognizes those who also help empower women and girls. This year’s 19th annual event was hosted by 11-time Emmy award winning news anchor, Tamsen Fadal, and chaired by President of the Loreen Arbus Foundation, Loreen Arbus.

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