Hi, I'm Melody, a CAMFED Association member from Zimbabwe - Video Transcript

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Melody, District Operations Officer CAMFED Zimbabwe Hi, everyone! My name is Melody from Buhera District in Manicaland Province. I am a member of CAMFED’s Sisterhood and we say: education my power! I’m super, super excited to be connecting with you my beloved sisters all over the world on this day, especially everyone at Women Rise.

As a District Operations Officer in Buhera district, I’m supporting the Learner Guides, Business Guides, Agricultural Guides and Transition Guides in working with our respective schools and communities to support quality education and development of our fellow sisters in school-going age. I’m a role model to all the young women in my community. I am so, so happy because I’m an example of the blessings of education.

Together with my other CAMFED Association members, we support girls in school with stationery, sanitary pads, uniforms and school fees. Education has brought me this far. I’m courageous, I’m confident, I’m organized and I’m assertive. It’s because of education that I’m here today.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the great engine to personal development.” And I say to you today, education will keep you inspired. Work hard, study hard, stay focused and enjoy every moment in your life. Happy International Day of the Girl Child to all of you my beloved sisters!

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