Hear from Addlight, a CAMFED scholar in Zimbabwe - Video Transcript

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Addlight, CAMFED Scholar, Zimbabwe I’m here to give a short brief about what does education mean to me. Education means a lot to me. Why education? Education is the key for us to succeed, education is a milestone for us to achieve our dreams, without education life is hard for us. Education is very important. Why? Because if I finish my school, it will be easier for me to get my basic needs and wants. It is easier for me to achieve my dreams.

As a girl who was born in a rural village, my mother lives in a rural area, my father died many years ago, I live with my sister. My dream is to change my mother’s life. How can I change my mother’s life? I have to go to school so that I will have more knowledge of how can I change a life. Her life is very hard. If I go to school, it will be easier for me to change her life.

My advice that I would like to give to other colleagues is that we have to work hard, especially when we have been given the opportunity to go to school. We have to work hard so that we make our life a better life. Education is a weapon for us to end poverty. Thank you.

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