As health professionals in the CAMFED Association — women leaders educated with CAMFED support —  ready themselves to support and serve their communities during the COVID-19 outbreak, CAMFED Executive Director Angie Murimirwa has taken to social media to praise their efforts.

In a series of posts on Instagram and Twitter, Angie thanked all the young women for their work on the frontline, and shared words from 12 of the health professionals active across Africa.

I lead advocacy on health and the importance of education. With COVID-19, as health workers we need everyone to understand why they must stay home and adhere to precautionary measures. I bridge the information gap for those in remote villages.

Fatima, CAMFED Association leader and nurse, Ghana

Many CAMFED Association health professionals including Fatima, a nurse and maternal health specialist from Ghana, work in under-resourced, rural

areas. Their expertise — not only in medical care, but also in advocacy and activism — means they are well-placed to ensure marginalized communities are not overlooked. In these endeavors they have the support of the 157,000-strong network of CAMFED Association members across Africa, and of our global movement.

The young women urged all of us to be part of efforts to mitigate the crisis. Faith commented: “The COVID-19 fight needs everyone on board. That way we can be a complete and healthy global community. As for me I will keep helping and learning daily.” Her thoughts were echoed by Veronica who said: “Health workers alone cannot fight it.”

CAMFED Association member and nurse Fatima.

CAMFED Association members like Fatima are voices of authority on issues including health and education.

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In her final post Angie responded to her CAMFED Association sisters, saying: “You embody the value of continuous investment in girls’ education. You are proof that education changes everything.” Her words serve as a reminder of the millions of girls across Africa whose education is now on hold, and of what the world stands to gain if we strive to support those girls to return to school, learn and thrive.

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