CAMFED is thrilled to be among eight NGOs to partner with Greater Share, a new philanthropic investment model seeking to transform education for children in under-served communities across the world.

Education has never been more of a priority and Greater Share provides a unique opportunity for investors to impact the lives of children across the globe. By harnessing the expertise of the world’s top private equity funds and of NGOs that are successfully transforming how children in marginalized communities are able to learn, we can create real and measurable change for children.

Paul Fletcher, Chair of the Board of Greater Share

Greater Share was founded by a highly experienced group of investment professionals and philanthropists, and brings together some of the world’s most impactful education NGOs. CAMFED joins aeioTU, Kaivalya, KIPP, London Early Years Foundation, The National Institution for Student Success, Teach for All and West London Zone to provide a holistic set of solutions through this innovative partnership.

Over 700 million children leave school without meeting basic levels of reading and mathematics, and millions more are still dealing with the impact of a disrupted education caused by the pandemic. Greater Share aims to re-imagine outdated educational systems by focusing on evidence-based, child-centric models of education, such as CAMFED’s Learner Guide Program. Such models are proven to be more effective at enabling children to learn and prepare for the future, by involving all adults serving as ‘educators’ in a child’s life, from parents to teachers to community leaders.

Greater Share is more than just an innovative model for funding individual organisations — it’s an ambition to build a new vision for how we can deliver education with greater impact. This new fund will impact children across the global south and the global north by empowering the entire “education workforce” or the full spectrum of educators, supporting data-driven and innovative learning approaches, and building a community for systems change.

Liesbet Steer, Director of The Education Commission and Chair of Greater Share’s Education Committee

Through Greater Share’s fund-of-funds model, investors commit capital that is invested across a number of high-performing private equity funds. Investors will donate the majority of their capital gains, and the private equity firms will donate their fees and carry (share of profits).  NGO partners will also benefit from ongoing strategic, operational and legal assistance from Greater Share’s community of supporters, further building their ability to improve outcomes for children and reduce inequality by closing the education gap.

The Greater Share model creates a multiplier effect on donations, providing NGOs with long-term, unrestricted funding to scale their impact, reach millions more children, and reshape education systems.

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Transforming education for some of the world’s most marginalized children

We are thrilled to join the Greater Share community, which opens up a whole new realm of possibility in transforming education for some of the world’s most marginalized children.” – Lucy Lake and Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED Co-Executives

This short film tells the story of Khadija, a secondary student in Tanzania, and Dotto, her Learner Guide. Once herself supported through school by CAMFED, Dotto now provides material and social support to girls at her local school, delivers CAMFED’s self-development curriculum called My Better World, and connects vulnerable children to other support services.

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News and articles related to the Greater Share community

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The FT announces launch of Greater Share

Andrew Jack, global education editor at the FT, writes about the launch of the education philanthropy fund which aims to transform children’s futures.

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Greater Share profiles its portfolio

The new Greater Share website includes a portfolio of the high-impact organizations the new philanthropy fund is partnering with.

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