My name is Grace, I am a member of the CAMFED Association in Zambia. I would like to become an ICT teacher and teach others how to use computers.

Grace Mwangata, ICT student from Zambia

My name is Grace and I am a member of the CAMFED Association  — the network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support and the Association’s secretary for Mporokoso District in Zambia. When I was a child I came across many barriers to my education. My mother worked very hard as a tailor and tried her best to afford my school necessities, but in 2016 she couldn’t manage any longer and I was forced to drop out. About two months later I heard I had been selected for support from CAMFED; they were able to pay for my fees, uniform, and books. I was so happy to go back to school!  

After completing school, CAMFED continued to support me, and in September 2020 I began studying for a Junior Diploma in Computer and Civic Education at Mporokoso College of Education. I chose this course because I am interested in ICT, and I am good at it! When I complete it, I want to help those who have difficulties using computers.

Studying ICT has really helped me to understand the modern world I am living in.

I am still surprised and amazed at how computers work and I want to understand how we can use them to benefit all society. During my studies I have also learnt about psychology and sociology, which has helped me relate more easily to my fellow students and other people in society.

I appreciate that the world is dynamic and cultures differ — you need to understand that everyone is unique in their own way.

After I complete my diploma in 2023 I would like to become an ICT teacher and teach others how to use computers. I hope to continue to further my own education in ICT, so as to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. 

Computers are rare in rural communities because of the high cost attached, so I am raising awareness of their benefits, in the hope that in the next 5 to 10 years many more rural schools and communities will have the resources to embrace technology. I would like to see community computer study centers, so young women and men can learn how to use technology at an affordable price.

Studying ICT is so exciting — you literally learn new things every day.

I am an active CAMFED Association member and I am passionate about giving back to my community. I take part in community awareness raising, including on child protection and the importance of girls’ education. My advice to girls who want to become tech experts and study computing is that it is possible if they put their mind to it!

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