This year CAMFED is marking Galentine’s Day (February 13) with a celebration of peer support.

This now internationally-recognized day offers a chance for women around the world to honor their friendships with other women. A powerful example of what female friends can collectively achieve is seen in the CAMFED Association. Members of the 150,000-strong network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support come together to overcome the challenges of rural isolation, poverty and discrimination. Acting together, they are solving issues affecting not only girls and young women, but everyone around them.

A dream you dream alone is a dream, but a dream you dream together is realistic.

Aida Kalolo, the first CAMFED Association member in Tanzania to qualify as a teacher

CAMFED Association leader Aida, who was supported through school by CAMFED, was the first young woman in the network in Tanzania to qualify as a teacher. But her dreams for herself and her community did not end there. As well as becoming a CAMFED-trained Teacher Mentor, providing counselling for vulnerable children within the government school system, she joins hands with other CAMFED Association members to support more vulnerable children to stay in school and thrive.

Aida says: “I know that because of the CAMFED Association we are going to succeed… I’m there in a big, powerful community that is there for change.” With optimism for the future, CAMFED Association members across sub-Saharan Africa cheer each other on, and act as big sisters to the most marginalized girls in their communities, giving them the support and confidence to reach their goals – in school, and beyond.

Join us today to celebrate women like Aida who inspire you and give you strength.

Aida Kassian Kalolo and Angeline Murimirwa

Join teacher Aida Kalolo (left) and Angeline Murimirwa – CAMFED Association founding member, and CAMFED Executive Director – to celebrate Galentine’s Day by recognizing the women who influenced your life choices and supported you when you needed them most.

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