In her latest column for Forbes, the president and CEO of King Philanthropies, Kim Starkey Jonker, highlights the self-generated activism of the CAMFED Association.

The members of this powerful network of young women educated with CAMFED support step up as leaders in our movement, using their expertise to make sure other vulnerable children get the chance to complete their education. This is CAMFED’s multiplier effect.

Starkey Jonker writes that on average, a girl who has received a CAMFED bursary goes on to support three more students to go to school, though anecdotal reporting shows it can be as many as 15.

She urges other organizations to replicate CAMFED’s model — cultivating and investing in former clients — to open up opportunities for exponential impact. Her article includes interviews with CAMFED CEO Lucy Lake and CAMFED USA Board Chair Sally Osberg.

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