Fatima, Secondary Student, Ghana - Video Transcript

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Fatima, Secondary Student, Ghana My name is Fatima. I have three sisters and and two brothers. They live with my parents and I live with my grandmom to help her with the house chores anytime I’m at home.

To me, education is the key to success. Before receiving support from CAMFED, whenever my colleagues are coming down with their provisions, I always felt bad because I didn’t have anyone who would provide such provisions for me.

One morning, a Learner Guide told me I’m going to receive support from CAMFED and I was very happy. I’m now okay because they are able to provide my provisions, my books, especially exercise books. Receiving support from CAMFED gave me hope that I’m going to achieve my goals in the future.

My Better World is a program which helps you to improve your life and the life of others. The favorite thing that I’ve learned from My Better World is to be a self-confident young woman and it has also helped me improve on my public speaking.

One of the things I would like to do in future is to help young people get skills to improve their lives.


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