Secondary Student, Ghana


Meet Fadila, a secondary student from Sagnarigu district in the northern part of Ghana. In the communities like hers that CAMFED serves, persistent poverty threatens to push vulnerable girls into unsafe work or child marriage. Here, Fadila explains what the right to remain and thrive in education means to her.

Education means a lot to me because as an upcoming philanthropist, I would like to cater for the needy ones and the vulnerable ones.

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As an educated person, I would like to empower women to evolve in training and businesses so they will be able to fend for themselves.

After school, Fadila will be able to join the Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support. There she’ll find peer support, mentorship and training to help her fulfil her own potential as well as to pay forward the benefits of education to others around her.

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I’m a girl of hope, I like to have faith. I used to go home and tell my mom “I want to be a medical doctor” and she would say, “Do you know the fees that are involved?” I kept telling her, “We will get through it.” That’s what I kept saying. No matter the situation I was in, I would dream big. Then one day I learned about CAMFED from a lady in my community who heard that I was looking for support. She got me the forms to help me apply for a bursary, and it’s been great ever since.



At the age of 16, Prospera had to drop out of school because her mother could no longer afford her fees. She felt there was no hope for her future, and resigned herself to a life of menial labor and grinding poverty. After being out of school for almost a year, everything changed for Prospera when she met Pearl and other members of the CAMFED Association (CAMA). These educated young women banded together to support her with basic learning materials and enrollment fees.

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